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Gridiron Elite Training is a family-based sports performance company helping athletes  run faster, move quicker, become stronger, more confident, and injury resistant.

Although we are based in Chicago, IL, we help athletes all around the world with our easy-to-follow online training programs.

The best football players are not just fast and powerful, but they are in control of their body and quick to react with every movement. Athletic ability, along with instinct and IQ, is what separates the best players vs. the rest of the pack, no matter what level you are at. 
This is true for all sports.  Just being fast or strong will only get you so far. Technique mixed with athletic ability will win over just athletic ability every time.
Developing technique starts with you being focused on putting in the work and repetition at your position. To make it easy for you, we identify the specific skill sets that are valued for your position on the football field. 
By focusing on your position’s most-valued skill sets, you’ll prevent injuries and focus all on being the best you can be at your position. 
You need to be as efficient as possible with how you train, your time, and your effort.
Now is your chance to elevate your game and dominate your position before reporting for the season.

With proven research of the best training methods, each trainer knows the exact development each athlete needs to maximize their full potential.

Our programs guarantee athletes to run faster, move quicker, become stronger, are more confident and injury resistant, making Gridiron Elite Training the best choice of recruitment and scholarship minded parents and athletes of all ages and skill level!

About The Founder

unnamed (11)

Coach Jeremy Burgos
Certified Personal Trainer
Sports Performance Expert

Coach Jeremy is a former College Football player, certified trainer, and football coach.

In high school, he was a Tom Lemming High School All American Team selection, a two-time All-State Linebacker, and holds the career school tackle record with 345 career solo tackles.

In college, coach received conference Defensive Player of The Year, led the conference in total tackles, and recorded a total of 9 forced fumbles as a freshman.

Coach Jeremy accounts for millions of views across a variety of social media channels and puts out nothing but the best content.

He runs Gridiron Elite Training where he shows exercises to help football players run faster, hit harder, change direction quicker and understand their position better.

Coach Burgos has an innate ability to teach football in a way that parents and athletes can dissect and understand immediately!

Coach has mentored thousands of athletes around the world and has partnered with the top companies in the sports world to provide you with the best resources to reach the next level.

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