Agility Ladder Drills For Football

Are you looking to perfect your speed with agility ladder drills for the 2019 football season? You have come to the right place! At Gridiron Elite Training, we’ve put together 5 agility ladder drills for all football players.

These agility ladder drills are for any athlete. We added a few advanced drills you can add with a resistance band to increase dominating foot speed this upcoming football season.

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Here are a few agility ladder drills for football that you can do literally ANYWHERE. This will be a great addition to your workout routine.

Agility Ladders Drills For Football - Customized NFL Gear

1. Single Leg Foot Fire

Done quickly, the “Single Leg Foot Fire” is a great football drill to increase speed and agility, coordination and is an excellent ladder drill to improve footwork.

Watch Video Demonstration Here: Single Leg Foot Fire

2. Single Leg Shuffle

Done fast, the “Single Leg Shuffle” is an excellent football drill to increase agility and speed, balance, and is a great agility drill to improve footwork.

Watch Video Demonstration Here: Single Leg Shuffle

3. Cross Behind

This agility drill will improve your coordination and the mind-body connection. Done quickly, this football drill will help a football player to react more quickly on the field.

Watch Video Demonstration Here: Cross Behind

4. Ski Jumps

Ski Jumps help develop speed, agility, and quickness. They simulate the motion one would experience skiing downhill. This ladder drill is great to help a football player improve lateral quickness.

Watch Video Demonstration Here: Ski Jumps

5. HopScotch

This ladder drill is for advanced athletes. Work on your coordination as well as your balance with a fast-paced variation of hopscotch with your agility ladder!

Watch Video Demonstration Here: HopScotch

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Coach Jeremy

Founder of Gridiron Elite Training, Coach Jeremy Burgos is a former College Football player and Football Coach. In high school, he was a Tom Lemming High School All American Team selection, a two-time All-State Linebacker, and holds the career school tackle record with 345 career solo tackles. In college, coach received conference Defensive Player of The Year, led the conference in total tackles, and recorded a total of 9 forced fumbles as a freshman. Coach Jeremy accounts for millions of views across varies social media channels and puts out nothing but the best content. He runs the “GridironEliteTraining2.0” Instagram where he shows exercises to help Football players run faster, hit harder, change directions and understand their position better. Coach Burgos has an innate ability to teach football in a way that parents and athletes can dissect and understand immediately! Coach has mentored thousands of athletes around the world and has partnered with the top companies in the sports world to provide you with the best resources to reach the next level.

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