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Jamin Elliot Recruiting jerecruiting Chicago Bear and Super Bowl Champion Gridiron Elite Training Partnership

Jamin Elliott (former Super Bowl champion) and Gridiron Elite Training partnership began last year. Coach Jamin educates and mentors high school student athletes and their families about the college recruiting process. His goal is to have parents and athletes have a better understanding of how recruiting TRULY works. Coach Jamin shares his knowledge of what to do throughout the recruiting process to maximize their opportunities to receive scholarships. This will not only be a HUGE burden lifted off the family, but it will change a kids life forever! Jamin commits himself to help guide families so they know exactly what to do. Jamin uses his personal story and past experiences as a true testament that the sky is the limit for any athlete wanting to play at the next level! Last year, Jamin helped 70+ student athletes receive scholarships.

Jamin Elliott

The #1 Athletic Recruiting Advisor

Vktry Performance Insoles Gridiron Elite Training Partnership by Coach Jeremy Burgos
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VKTRY INSOLES INCREASE GROUND FORCE. Simply by putting VKs into your shoe or cleat, you can rapidly generate more force into the ground. This combination of increased ground force (+8.1% peak force) and increased explosiveness (+9.3% rate of force development) immediately translates to running faster and jumping higher. Most sports insoles are made from foam and plastic and provide virtually no energy return. VKTRY provides support and stability in the mid-sole as well as flexibility for shock absorption, protecting the foot from impact, hyper-extension and torque. VKs have customized flexibility to ensure comfort for all-season wear, allowing athletes to avoid season-ending injury.


Wearbands Gridiron Elite Training by Coach Jeremy Burgos
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A collaboration of the world's leading sports and fitness trainers, the WEARBANDS system is designed to increase the results of any workout activity. Founded by Daniel Schreiber, a former college football player at Duke University, experienced with a wide array of functional resistance tools. Daniel knew that none of the existing equipment allowed functional training completely free movement under resistance. It is safe, simple, and easy to use, and you'll feel it working the moment you put it on!


Stretch Dynamics Atlanta Georgia Gridiron Elite Training Partnership by Coach Jeremy Burgos
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Safe & Effective Stretching & Services Doctor Supervised assisted stretching. Safe and effective stretching is our top priority. The knowledge and experience of our Doctors and Healthcare professionals guarantee the best stretch possible. Our experienced medical professionals put your needs first. Stretch Dyanmics provide a high quality level of customer service, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients. Their goal is to make athletes more flexible, mobile, and have more range of motion as quickly as possible. With years of experience, their Doctors and Healthcare professionals will assess the situation and get you moving and feeling better as quick as possible. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your body. If you are in Atlanta, go see our partners at Stretch Dynamics.


Dr. Tom Hourin

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