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Speed & Agility

Our goal is to increase your fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment to reach your max speed faster.


Our goal is to train your muscles to apply max force in the shortest amount of time to increase your explosiveness.


Our goal is to train you to apply the greatest amount of your max strength in the shortest period of time.

Meet Your Head Coach

Khaalid Abdullah

Coach Abdullah started his athletic career in high school as a freshman at outside linebacker. Abdullah played at 3 different levels of football (D1, D2 and junior college) after graduating highschool. Over the years Coach Abdullah gained a vast array of skills and techniques though his time on the field and in the weight room.

Coach Abdullah was awarded: Humboldt State Hardest Hitter 2014-2015, Southern California Football Association First Team Defense Linebacker (Unanimous Selection), American bowl Champion, and CCCFCA 2013 Patriotic Bowl Player of the game. Coach Abdullah has shattered weight room records with his dead lifting, squats, and power cleans. 

Coach Abdullah spends his free time lifting weights, hiking, and living the best life he can helping others reach their full potential.

Training At Gridiron

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Gridiron Elite Training Produces Explosive Results

At Gridiron Elite Training, our primary focus is athletic speed and explosive development. From our experience, the faster and more explosive an athlete you are, the more you will succeed in your athletic career. That is why athletic speed and explosive development is the main focus in our training methods. Every workout that we put you through will be connected into our goal of making you a faster, more explosive athlete while  as fast and athletic as possible while decreasing your chance of injury. Our workouts incorporate specific movements to your sport and position to develop you in areas where you need it the most to perfect your game and become an elite athlete.

You will generate results very fast, seeing a difference in your running mechanics,  technique, feeling lighter on your feet, feeling more explosive, and feeling stronger almost right away working with your Gridiron Elite Trainer.

Gridiron Elite Training has helped thousands of athletes around the world improve their speed, quickness, power, and explosiveness! All of our coaches at Gridiron are certified and have played at the collegiate or professional level, so we know exactly how to mentor and prepare you to unlock your fullest athletic potential, regardless of what training experience you have.

We are dedicated to training you to be the best version of you and we will create the best training program for your athletic success as an athlete of the Gridiron family. We will train you smart, push you to your limits, mentor you, and do what’s best for you. You can trust us because we are in this together!

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Reviews From Athletes & Parents

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...and many more athletes who have worked with us to take their athleticism to the next level! 

Gridiron Elite Training Proven System

agility drills for american football

Workouts geared toward increasing fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment, knee drive, turnover, and reaching max speed faster.

Focus on improving your core strength and incorporating speed development and technique drills to perfect your sprinting technique.

Otherwise known as "multi-directional speed",   consists of the most effective multi-directional speed drills geared toward  lateral change of direction, coordination, balance, and multi-directional speed. Changing direction is the key to on the field success. Our goal is to train you to cut on a dime as efficiently as possible. This program will help increase your lateral quickness, coordination, and foot speed.

Otherwise known as “jump training” or "explosive training", exercises geared toward horizontal, vertical, and multi-directional explosiveness. Our goal is to train your muscles to apply max force in the shortest amount of time, increasing your power and speed. 

Focus on using resisted movements to allow you to apply the most amount of your max strength in the shortest period of time. 

Focus on the ability to move from being game-ready conditioned, giving you the foundation you need to maintain your strength, speed, and power throughout the entire game.

What you put into your body after your training and during the course of the day is very important. That's why we put together the Gridiron Nutrition Guide that has everything related to sports performance nutrition for athletes. You will learn what proteins, carbs, and fats you need to be eating as an athlete; meal plans, time schedule of when to eat and train, supplements, snacks, and much more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gridiron Elite Training uses a cutting-edge step-by-step proven sports performance training system that incorporates all the essential pieces of athletic speed development, including linear speed, technique, fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment to reach max speed faster, multi-directional speed, plyometrics to increase explosiveness, hip mobility and flexibility, and injury prevention. Our goal is for you to reach your max athletic potential as safe, efficient, and fast as possible.

The amount of training per week depends on the plan you choose. Some athletes choose unlimited to get the most training possible, while other athletes choose a few days per week. If you are in multiple sports or you are planning on strength training outside of Gridiron, I recommend training with us 2-3 days per week.

Yes we do! At the youth level, we focus on developing young athletes to be the best student athlete they can be. The workouts are all body weight exercises to start before progressing into resistance training. We love training youth athletes to reach their athletic potential by developing their balance, coordination, form and technique, speed, agility, and sports performance skills.

Our training methods and plans are designed specifically for athletes and have been tested and proven by thousands of athletes around the world who have seen results. Our coaches at Gridiron are certified and are former collegiate and professional athletes to not only educate you, but to mentor you and help you. We bring high energy and excitement to every training session to push you to your limits! Also, we provide you with a free nutrition plan and stay in touch with you even outside your scheduled training times. This you simply can't find anywhere else. 

After you choose your plan, you will officially be apart of the Gridiron family. You will be taken to your members area right away where you can start scheduling your workout times online.

We offer both. Normally, we work with athletes 1-on-1, but for friends and teammates, we offer semi-private group sessions that consist of anywhere from 2-8 athletes per session. 

Weight lifting is only included for our unlimited members. During your training session, we will use body weight exercises to help you increase your strength. Athletes in our unlimited plan will receive a weight lifting program to follow to maximize your overall performance. 

Results depend on the each individual athlete. Athletes that train with us will feel and see progress right away, but you will start to see game-changing results only after a few weeks. Our first session always starts with an evaluation and testing and 30 days after your first session to see the progress you've made.

As a parent, you can help your child get the most out of the program by positive talk. If your child has a tough time in the beginning of the training, keep your child motivated by using positive encouragement and talk. Remind your child that training is a process and the results will come. 

Also, get into a scheduled routine. I understand if unexpected things pop up out of your control, but being in a consistent routine will keep your child stay motivated and ready to put in work. 

Finally, follow the Gridiron Nutrition Guide we are giving to you for free. Help your child by providing good quality, healthy foods and lots of water. This will help with your child recover faster between training sessions. 

All programs are purchased online and can be paid with any major credit card. We use Stripe, which is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest grade of payment processing security. Rest assured, that your information is safe and secure

About Gridiron

Gridiron Elite Training has helped thousands of athletes around the world increase speed, increase power, improve quickness, increase strength, and increase explosiveness. Athletes of all levels, starting from the youth-professional, trust in Gridiron because our results are proven!