Sprint Workouts to Increase Speed for Football

Sprint workouts are important for a football player to increase speed for the field. Although a game lasts 60 minutes, football players need to be able to perform a series of sprints in every direction.

As the game continues to move at a faster pace, football players need to be fast. The average time per play is between 5-7 seconds and 25 seconds for the play clock. Although they get a short time to rest, football players need to be conditioned enough to sprint all out on the next play.

To reach your max sprinting ability, a football player needs to be explosive, strong, and quick. How is this possible? This takes place in the offseason! A solid offseason football training program that includes speed training (speed workouts, sprint workouts, sprint training) strength training, and agility training.

Sprint workouts are worth it, do not neglect to work on your speed! Football players tend to focus on increasing their bench press or squat, which is important, but sprint training is critical to showcase your athletic ability come game time. Speed training should include speed workouts that focus on form, fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment, turnover, and knee drive.

Add these sprint workouts into your training to increase speed for football.


Speed Training for American Football Players

Sprint Workouts to Increase Speed

1. Bounding

  • Perform by jumping off one leg. You want to jump as far as you can off that single leg.
  • When you land, land on the opposite foot and drive off that leg as explosive as possible.
  • Bounding resembles a sprint but focusing on exploding off the ground.
  • When you complete the sprint drill, the muscles of your leg coming into contact with the ground should quickly decelerate your body. The energy is built up in your muscles, before changing into the following bound.
  • The less time you can spend on the ground and the more power you can create, the better the drill for maximum results.
  • Click the image below to watch a video demonstration this speed training drill "Bounding".

2. Single Cone Sprint Drill

  • Perform shuffling around the cone as quickly as possible.
  • Stay as tight to the cone as possible when shuffling around the cone.
  • As you approach the last cone, keep your feet moving, and explode out into a 10-yard sprint.
  • This sprint drill is great for developing acceleration, change of direction, and forward and backward movements.
  • Click the image below to watch a video demonstration this speed training drill "Single Cone Sprint Drill".

3. Hill Sprints

  • Perform by driving your knees high, running on the forefoot (not heels).
  • Control your breathing and focus on good form.
  • As you approach the top of the hill, decelerate and walk back down and repeat.
  • Hill sprints are great for strengthening running muscles, increasing stride power, and building conditioning.
Perform mountain climbers into 10 to 20-yard sprints to increase acceleration. Performing “Mountain Climbers to Sprint” with Resistance Bands will help you develop power in the lower body! 

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