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"Coach Jeremy has helped me through my athletic career all the way back to my sophomore year of high school. I have never been pushed to be better and motivated by any other coach. Jeremy is always there for me to answer questions about anything. What really stuck with me from coach was when he told me, "Do you want to be good, or do you want to be great? This game doesn't last forever, so make every practice, training session, and game like it's your last." He has been a huge part in my development as an athlete both on the field and off the field. If any athlete has the chance to work with him, they definitely need to."
gridiron elite training reviews
Tommy Herion
D1 Quarterback
"As a testimony to Coach Jeremy, when I flew to Chicago to train with him for 6 weeks leading to my pro day, he brought a warrior mentality to every training session. What I loved about coach was his athleticism. He practices what he preaches. He pushed me to be the best athlete and person I can be and helped my 40 time drop from a 4.59 to a 4.43. I wouldn't be in the position I am playing Division 1 Football without Coach Jeremy's help. Although I'm in San Diego now, he still takes the time to answer my questions whenever I need it, which is why I will continue training with coach even though I am in a different state."
gridiron elite training reviews
Charles Westbrook
D1 Running Back
"I met Coach Jeremy in May 2018 and man can I say that had to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He's also helped me on a publicly level on social media and to different coaches and scouts. The main thing I noticed the most with him is how involved he is and how he's always there for you no matter what. He has taken an athlete with ZERO college football experience to now having a shot in the NFL. I recently signed for the new professional football league WITH ZERO FILM! That right there shows how good of a coach Jeremy really is."​
gridiron elite training reviews
Jordan Hill
Pro Arena Wide Receiver
"The growth I have experience in strength, speed, and explosiveness from doing the online Gridiron Training Program is a night and day difference. I went from never started a varsity game in high school or playing a down of football in college to being accepted and will be attending "The Spring League" July Showcase in Southern California. I just want to take the time to thank God and Coach Jeremy who had taken his time to train me over the past few months to make this possible! I’m so beyond excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to continue working!"
gridiron elite training reviews
Joey Rossiter
Semi Pro Tight End
"Playing football in the SEC is not easy. I was a kid from Chicago who didn't play high school football and coach inspired me to purse my dreams and play college football. Coach Jeremy has helped me in so many ways in and out of the gym. He taught me different warm ups and new explosive exercises that I would never think to do. I can sincerely guarantee that a better community simply does not exist. The passion Coach Burgos has for every athlete to succeed you cannot find anywhere else."
gridiron elite training reviews
Eddie Serrano
D1 Defensive End
"Seriously guys, Gridiron Elite Training will give you the advantage you are looking for. Coming out of high school ranked the #6 overall DT recruit in the nation and played in the U.S. Army All American game before playing four seasons at The Ohio State. Coach Burgos' professionalism and knowledge is unmatched. You'll have answered questions regarding specific programs, nutrition, running mechanics and weight training. If any athlete wants to get better, work with Coach Jeremy, don't hesitate!"
gridiron elite training reviews
Tommy Schutt
D1 Defensive Tackle
"Since joining the Gridiron program, I have seen results in my speed and jumping in such a short amount of time. I am from the Bahamas, so I was happy to find a mentor like Coach Jeremy to help motivate and push me to succeed. After joining the program, I was the first selected to attend the QB Magazine camp in San Diego where I won the best accuracy award. I then received a call from a team in Europe who offered me a spot to start on their team. I now play in Germany for the ASC Luebeck (where I ran a 4.38 40 on testing day) and I'm looking to keep pushing myself to get better and to make it to the NFL."
gridiron elite training reviews
Dondre Rigby
Euro-League Quarterback
"I am happy to call Coach Burgos my trainer and mentor. Coach has helped prepared me physically and mentally this off season. I am going into my Sophomore season and already got called up to play varsity next season. I dropped my 40 from a 4.8 to a 4.5 and increased my vertical jump 3" thanks to coach! I recently got invited to the play in the Elite National Underclassman All American game and have already received interest from schools across the nation. Coach has done nothing but help prepare me for success on and off the field."
gridiron elite training reviews
Cullen Kuester
Top Ranked RB Recruit

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