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Andrew Serrano went to Notre Dame High School in Illinois where he played football and basketball.

He was a one year starter and played defensive tackle for them. He didn’t make all conference and was not recruited to play college football. He loved the game so much and wanted to play in college. His older brother Eddie contacted me and asked if I would train him so Andrew can tryout for the University of Missouri.

I was so excited to work with him because I knew it was not going to be easy. From day one, Andrew’s by far, one of the hardest working kids I know. During his senior year of high school, he would come to the gym and train at 6 AM before school started. We trained five days a week for 7 months before he left for college.

I decided to document all of our workout sessions so we both can look back at the transformation and the grind it took once he made the team. I told him he needs to believe 100% he is going to make the team.

After that, he had a clear vision with a focused mindset. We both had the mindset and trained that he was going to make the team (if you followed our Instagram page during that time, or you can go look at our old posts and see I posted he was playing for them next season). 

Andrew was FOCUSED and worked his butt off every day both physically and mentally. Andrew is now living his dream, he manifested and created what HE wanted in his life and is now playing college football in the SEC, the Best Conference in Division 1 football. 

NO DREAM is ever to big! Never let anyone tell you…. That YOU can’t do something. 

Go chase your dreams!

To your success,

Coach Jeremy

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