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Coaching You How To Increase Speed, Strength, Agility, Mental Toughness and Football Position Skills For Football Season

What's The Gridiron Academy

The Gridiron Academy is an online football performance network that provides football players of all levels with performance training programs, football position-specific drills, football position-classroom work, mindset coaching, mental toughness training, recruiting guidance, and nutrition programs. 

Also, to help motivate your child to work out, we added a section inside the Gridiron Academy specifically for parents so you can work out with your kids and help motivate and inspire them to reach their goals! What better way than leading by example, right?

We’d love it if you were apart of the family so we can help you reach your goals!

Remember, no dream is EVER too big!

Inside the academy

Gridiron Is Here For You Every Step Of The Way

Inside the Gridiron Academy, You Receive Access To All Of Our Sports Performance Training Programs Including:

Flash Speed Program

Hercules Strength Program

Wonder Woman Strength Program

Quicksilver Agility Program

Thor Plyometrics Program

Youth Spartan Training Program

At-Home Workout Program

Parent & Adult Training Program

Inside the Gridiron Academy, You Receive Access To All Of Our Football Training Drills Including:
Quarterback Drills

Running Back Drills

Wide Receiver Drills

Tight End Drills

Offensive Line Drills

Defensive Line Drills

Linebacker Drills

Defensive Back Drills

Classroom Work Is Given Each Week To Educate You On Your Position. This Includes: Keys To Read

What You Should Be Looking For When You’re Studying Your Opponent During Film

Fundamentals and Tips On How To Improve At Your Position

Sometimes life can get tough. We might feel down, stressed, or anxious. As a member of the Gridiron Academy, you get access to the “The Alpha Focused Mindset” program series to help you with focus, concentration, self-confidence, self-esteem, mindfulness practices, motivation, and positive goal driven mindset.

What you put into your body is going to determine your athletic success or failure. I want you to succeed and reach your goals! As a bonus, you receive access to the Youth, High School, College, Adult, and Parent Nutrition Guides!

By you taking videos of your workouts and sharing your progress with us, we will share you with the rest of the Gridiron Network on our Instagram. Our pages are followed by college coaches, coaches oversees, and arena and XFL scouts.

We Make Our Members Our #1 Priority Over Anything Else. If you have questions about workouts, you need modifications to a workout for the day, or you need help with anything at all, we are a quick message away inside the academy.

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Get Inspired Today

Andrew Serrano went to Notre Dame High School in Illinois where he played football and basketball.

He was a one year starter and played defensive tackle for them. He didn’t make all conference and was not recruited to play college football.

He loved the game so much and wanted to play in college for the University of Missouri where he was going to be attending.

I decided to document all of our workout sessions so we both can look back at the transformation and the grind it took once he made the team. I told him he needs to believe 100% he is going to make the team.

After that, he had a clear vision with a focused mindset. 

Andrew was FOCUSED and worked his butt off every day both physically and mentally. Andrew is now living his dream, he manifested and created what HE wanted in his life and is now playing college football in the SEC, the Best Conference in Division 1 football.

NO DREAM is ever to big! Never let anyone tell you… That YOU can’t do something.

I hope to work with you to help you accomplish your goals and give you workouts, mindset training, and drills to help take your game to the next level!

Coach Jeremy